The Spirit of the Prescott Rodeo Park

An Indian chief in full regalia regally astride his favorite Apolossa, arms outstretched in a gesture of peace proclaims:

The Spirits of my ancestors have spoken to me saying, "The land where our people lived for 500 years must be respected. This land must only be used to restore man's spirit; a place where children can play safely, where people of ALL AGES can enjoy games of strength and skill, listen to music, walk among trees and flowers, sit and gaze toward the distant hills, watch the sun coming up and going down, study the changing seasons, and contemplate the heavens as rain and snow falls upon the earth."

Spirits of my ancestors tell me, "This land is for ALL PEOPLE, a gathering place where all people will come together in pleace and harmony now and for ALL TIME."

To get involved, contact:

Eileen M. Holleran, Chair
Prescott Rodeo Park Committee

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