1.     Q.  What land are you talking about?  Where is it located?

          A.  The 48 acres surrounding the Rodeo Grounds in Prescott bordered  

                by Gail Gardner and Fair Street.


2.     Q.   What type of facilities would you like to see in the Park?

A.   A restored rodeo stadium that could be used year ‘round for   

   rodeo and other equestrian events, as well as other sporting  

  events, concerts, and theatrical productions; an outdoor   

  swimming pool; playgrounds; trails for walking, running, and 

  biking, and a picnic area. Your ideas are welcome.


3.     Q.   Why is an archeological dig needed?

     A.    Indians lived at that site for approximately 500 years from  

             700 AD  to 1200 AD.  Pit Houses, two ceremonial rams           

             heads and a pueblo wall were uncovered when the area under the  

             rodeo grandstand  was originally explored in l934.  If a proper 

             archeological dig were conducted, perhaps we would find out  

             what happened to this ancient civilization.


4.  Q.    Who owns the land?  Who will administer the Park?

             The answer to the first question is the taxpayers of Yavapai

             County.    The Park will be administered by the county.


     5.   Q.     Where will the money come from? 

           A.     Both the federal and state of Arizona have money for inner-city  

                   parks.  The park could hold musical, sporting, and theatrical

                   events to generate funds.


   6.    Q.    Why do you want a  Park?

          A.     Every  well run, productive community has a

                   central location where its people can enjoy sporting,     

                   theatrical, musical, and educational events.


    7.   Q.     If the fairgrounds becomes a park where will the county

                   administration buildings be located?

A.            In Pioneer Park where several county buildings are already