The World's Most Beautiful Rodeo

For the past year and a half, the Prescott Rodeo Park Committee has been working to keep the World's Oldest Rodeo in the heart of Prescott. At long last the county supervisors have agreed to a lease to keep the rodeo in Prescott FOR A LONG TIME. Our committee wants to keep the rodeo in Prescott FOREVER.

Our plan is to make the old Yavapai Fairground land a rodeo/recreational area that would be used year around by all the citizens of Yavapai County. Our plan calls for the planting of trees and flowers indigenous to the high desert country, walking trails and benches, a skate board area and an outdoor swimming pool. Our goal is to make the Prescott Rodeo not only the World's Oldest, but the World's Most Beautiful.

A park in the heart of Prescott, like the new Indian School Park in Phoenix would qualify for federal and state Funds and using the Park year 'round for musical, sporting, and theatrical events would help to make the Park self-supporting.

The county's plan calls for the construction of 3 huge administration buildings and a 1500 car parking lot. Such a plan is totally incompatible with a rodeo, eventually causing the rodeo to look for a new home.

If we all work together, not only will Prescott be referred to as EVERYONE'S HOMETOWN, but as the home of the WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL RODEO.

To get involved, contact:

Eileen M. Holleran, Chair
Prescott Rodeo Park Committee

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