- Lots of general computer and technology information including cutting edge reviews!
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications - The big list of 16 and 32 bit software. Kick Ass - A well done page which provides many Win95 programs, tips, etc! - Another excellent site for Win95 programs that is well worth a visit.
WinSources Magazine - Excellent on-line version of their Win95/NT magazine, with another great forum.
McAfee - The home page of McAfee, the leader in virus protection! I highly recommend VirusScan and Webscan

These next sites are all similar in content, but they provide top-notch Win95 help:

Alt.Windows95 - This is a newsgroup that discusses all aspects of using Win95 and offers solutions to problems.
Frank Condron's World O'Windows - This site is full of timely, useful Windows information.
Randy's Windows95 / NT Resource Center - A must bookmark!
Make it Work - Windows '95 Links to Information - The definitive list of Win95 help links!

Lastly, a few assorted links to sites that I like:

Click TV - Get all the TV listings here, also searchable by specific program titles, movie titles, actor names, directors and sports teams etc. Great site!
Switchboard.Com - The best place to go to get anyone's home address, home phone number, business addresses and phone numbers, etc., for the entire country! Imagine having the white and yellow pages for the U.S.A. at your fingertips for free!
US WEST Yellow Pages - Search US yellow and white pages, includes other useful info also.
The Internet Movie Database - The place to get info. on all the movies, actors, etc. Including goof ups, locations, reviews and lots more!
The Drudge Report - Get the latest inside the beltway info. at this amazing site!
Partial list of fireworks-oriented WWW sites - Interested in fireworks as I am? Look here!
Rec.Pyrotechnics - Discussion of explosives, chemicals, some personal fireworks discussion.
Pink Floyd Newsgroup - A newsgroup devoted to the group that broke the mold!
Pontiac GTO Page - A great source for parts, clubs, even cars for sale!
The WWW Speedtrap Registry Don't bother going to this site... if you don't drive!