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Edmund John Bushman

  • Born: 8 Dec. 1957      Dixon, Illinois (same hometown as Ronald Reagan)

  • Raised on a dairy farm. Award winning member of 4-H.

  • 3 brothers and 2 sisters

  • Before joining the Air Force was a car salesman in Dixon, Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth.

  • Joined the US Air Force 13 Sept 1977 (one month after Elvis died)

  • See resume for duty locations, awards and assignments.

  • 3 children
    • Sandra 25
    • Jamison 22
    • Kellyn 15

  • 1 Grand daughter
    • Oakleigh 6

  • Started teaching as an adjunct in 1993 at Clinton CC.

  • Became Commandant of Cadets at Embry-Riddle in 1996

  • Retired from AF 1 Oct 2000 at the rank of Captain.

  • See resume for education

  • Started teaching at Yavapai College Aug 2000.

  • Hobbies:
    • Golf
    • Mountain biking
    • all outdoor activities
    • ironing

Mr. Bushman's
Rules of Life:
  • Don't diminish the value of what you do.

  • Never negotiate from a position of weakness.

  • Always attack an ambush.

  • Focus on what is important in your life, not what is important to others.

  • No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

  • The only habits we can't change, are the ones we can't see.

  • Be the change you wish to see in others.

  • Consider yourself the best in the world, but don't rest on your laurels.

  • God have mercy on a man that doubts what he is sure of.