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Listed below are the classes Mr. Bushman taught for the Spring 2001 or Fall 2000 semester:

CSA 101Windows Essentials
CSA 110Introduction to Computer Information Systems
CSA 160Principles of Programming
CSA 169Programming in Visual Basic
CSA 281Systems Analysis and Design

Below you will find a sample syllabus from one of Mr. Bushman's courses:

CSA 101



INSTRUCTOR: Edmund J. Bushman                                        Office Phone: 776-2153



Monday/Wednesday  12:45-2:10                                        Room: 13-101


Office Hours:  Monday 8:30-10:00

                       Tuesday 5:00-6:00

                       Wednesday 8:30-11:00

                       Thursday 8:30-1000/1:00-2:00

                        Other hours by appointment


Ø      The importance of attendance cannot be stressed enough in this class.  Attendance will directly affect a portion of your grade.

Ø      If you wish to drop the class it must be done by 30 March, after that only the instructor may drop you.

Ø      It is your responsibility to find out what went on during your absence.

Ø      This is a short fast moving class, missing too many classes can be fatal.

Ø      I’m very interesting and good, you will want to come to class.



          ‘The Windows 98 Textbook’,  Stewart Venit



Ø      Your grade for the course will be composed of the following:

                                                                                                                  Grading Scale

            50 points –Test                                                                            200- 175 - A

            50 points - Final Exam                                                                174 -160 - B

            50 points - Exercises                                                                   159 –135 -C

            25 points - Quizzes                                                                       134- 120 - D

            25 points - Class participation and Attendance                       119- 0     - F



Ø      Makeup tests will be at my discretion/Quizzes will be unannounced, with no make-ups.










Spring 2001


WEEK                                    DATE                           ACTIVITY

   1                                        26 March                       Introduction

                                                                                    Chapter One

                                                                                    Chapter Two


   2                                       2 April                             Finish Chapter Two

                                                                           Chapter Six

                                                                                    Exercise One


   3                                       9 April                             Chapter Five



   4                                       16 April                           Finish Chapter Five

                                                                                    TEST - Chapters 1,2,5 &6



5                                                                         23 April                           Chapter Three

                                                                                    Exercise Two

                                                                                    Chapter Seven


6                                                                         30 April                           Chapter Four

                                                                                 Chapter Eight

                                                                                 Chapter Nine

                                                                                  Other Neat Stuff


   7                                       7 Mar                              Video