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A City Sleeps hands-on: This musical shoot-em-up will give you nightmares

The words I said while playing A City Sleeps, Harmonix's new bullet-hell game, cannot and should not be reprinted, so we can make some up. "Mother-finger!" I yelled after dying ten seconds into the game. "Son of a birch beer!" I said after the boss swatted me down for the tenth time. "Bucking rod plan it!" I said as the entire screen filled with bullets for me to dodge.

I sat with Harmonix's Nick Chester near the Dance Central stage at PAX, hunched over a laptop trying not to die. And failing. And failing. And failing. And cursing. And cursing. And cursing.

"Yeah, the game gets hard really fast," was the only sympathy I got from Chester.

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Hackers make drive-by download attacks stealthier with fileless infections

Cybercriminals are increasingly infecting computers with malware that resides only in memory in order to make their attacks harder to detect.

Recent attacks launched with the Angler exploit kit?a Web-based attack tool?injected malicious code directly into other processes and did not create malicious files on affected computers, an independent malware researcher known online as Kafeine said Sunday in a blog post.

Fileless malware threats are not new, but their use is rare, especially in large scale attacks, because they don?t persist across system reboots when random access memory (RAM) is cleared.

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Compuware switches to private ownership

Freeing itself from the fetters of public-investor expectations, IT infrastructure company Compuware is becoming privately held, with equity investment firm Thoma Bravo purchasing the company outright for approximately US$2.5 billion.

?Compuware is now best suited to focus on its core mainframe and [application performance management] businesses as a private-equity backed company, ? said Bob Paul, Compuware CEO, in a statement, adding that the move will give the company more flexibility to manage its business with a long term vision.

Current shareholders of Compuware will get an aggregate value of approximately $10.92 per share, a 17 percent bump from the company?s stock price at the close of trading on Friday.

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Android Wear adding Bluetooth support, GPS, custom watch faces in future updates
Google engineers detail what the future holds for Android Wear.
Two Google scheduling tricks to keep you organized in the fall

Ah, the back-to-school season. There's no other time of the year that simultaneously strikes fear, dread, and excitement into the hearts of students and parents across the country.

On the fear and dread side, part of the problem is staying organized while getting used to a brand new schedule, new schools, new everything.

Just as the year gets into full swing, now is a good time to remind you about two great tools baked into that can help keep everything in order.

To use these tools you'll need to be signed in to your Google account on your PC.

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Google teases September 15 announcement, likely Android One launch
The event in India may signal the launch of the company's effort to get Android phones in the hands of developing nations.
First mobile device with MIPS 64-bit processor coming in 2016

Imagination Technologies hopes to catch up with ARM and Intel in the mobile space with its first MIPS 64-bit processor core design, which could be in tablets and smartphones by 2016.

Processors based on the MIPS Warrior i6400 design will be able to run Google?s 64-bit Android OSes starting with the upcoming L release, said Mark Throndson, director of processor marketing and business development at Imagination.

The new processor is smaller, faster and more power-efficient than a previous MIPS chip, the 32-bit InterAptiv, Throndson said. As a result, mobile devices will gain speed and efficiency, he said.

Some performance benefits come from the 64-bit design, which will allow devices to have more memory and run more applications in parallel. The multithreaded Warrior i6400 is close to 50 percent faster on some Android tasks than the InterAptiv, Throndson said.

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Germany's IFA show, debut ground for numerous new products, hits 90 years old

When German radio manufacturers gathered in 1924 to show off their products, just a year after regular broadcasting began in the country, they probably didn?t imagine they were sowing the seeds for what eventually would become IFA.

Despite war, the rise of new communications technologies and the fall of European consumer electronics companies to Asian rivals, Berlin?s annual ?funkausstellung? (still today, the ?FA? in IFA) has grown to become one of the world?s biggest consumer electronics shows. This year?s event kicks off this week in Berlin.

IFA 2014 is likely to be notable for a number of smartwatches that are expected to debut. They will join a long line of products that have been introduced at IFA, beginning in the 1920s with those radios.

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Raspberry Pi Foundation bakes a custom, optimized browser for the $35 mini-PC

The Raspberry Pi is a fun little mini PC you can play around with to create your own entertainment center, learn a little programming, or even use as a secondary PC. But one complaint you'll consistently hear from Raspberry Pi users is just how poor the web browsing experience is.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is hoping to change that with a new and improved browser optimized for the Raspberry Pi. The new browser is based on Epiphany?also known as Gnome Web?and was developed in cooperation with Collabora, a software development company specializing in optimizing open source applications.

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Now you can tell your Facebook friends what to watch on Netflix
Sit back and wait for everyone to applaud your excellent taste in TV and film.
Hackers compromise Namecheap user accounts

Hosting provider Namecheap said Monday hackers compromised some of its users? accounts, likely using a recently disclosed list of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords compiled by Russian hackers.

The ?vast majority? of login attempts have failed, wrote Matt Russell, vice president of hosting, on a company blog.

The attackers are trying brute-force attempts to gain control of accounts, which involves repeatedly trying different usernames and passwords until the right combination grants access.

?As a precaution, we are aggressively blocking the IP addresses that appear to be logging in with the stolen password data... as well as making this data available to law enforcement,? Russell wrote.

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Amid dueling lawsuits, state needs Oracle's help with health-insurance site t...

Oregon officials still need Oracle?s cooperation to meet a looming deadline related to the state?s troubled health-insurance exchange website, even as both sides have lodged lawsuits against one another.

The state hired Oracle to help it build the website, Cover Oregon, as part of the government?s health-care overhaul. Much like the federal site,, Cover Oregon suffered major performance problems upon its go-live date in October, but unlike, Cover Oregon was never stabilized and brought into proper working order.

Oregon has since decided to transition the site to for those enrolling in commercial insurance plans, while using some of the technology Oracle built for a site aimed at enrolling people in a Medicaid-funded state health program.

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Meet Tox, an open, privacy-focused Skype replacement

The website 4Chan is infamous for birthing Anonymous?and more recently the major allegediCloud hack that exposed the private photos of several celebrities. But some who frequent 4Chan, it seems, have nobler intentions.

A relatively new project made up of programmers who frequent 4Chan, Hacker News, and Reddit are working on an open source, security-focused Skype replacement, as first reported by Wired on Monday.

The new project, called Tox, is yet another example of programmers uniting in the post-Snowden era to make easy-to-use tools with encryption and privacy considerations built-in.

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Why hackers may be stealing your credit card numbers for years

While conducting a penetration test of a major Canadian retailer, Rob VandenBrink bought something from the store. He later found his own credit card number buried in its systems, a major worry.

The retailer, which has hundreds of stores across Canada, otherwise had rock-solid security and was compliant with the security guidelines known as the Payment Card Industry?s Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), said VandenBrink, a consultant with the IT services company Metafore.

But a simple configuration error allowed him to gain remote access. From there, he found the retailer was vulnerable to the same problem that burned Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, UPS Store and others: card data stored in memory that is vulnerable to harvesting by malicious software.

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Microsoft begins dropping OneDrive's 2GB file size limit

Cloud storage file size limits were a sad necessity back in the days when Internet speeds were low and storage prices were high. But now that those constraints are inverting, artificial file size barriers are crumbling. Case in point: This weekend, Microsoft began slowly and quietly dropping individual file size limits for OneDrive users, following in the footsteps of Dropbox and Google Drive.

Late in August, Microsoft group program manager Omar Shahine took to OneDrive's uservoice forums to address a complaint about the 2GB file size limit, saying that, "It?s not arbitrary. It?s simply an old limit that we?ve been working on removing for far too long now. The good news is that we are actively working on this."

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